Personnel Management

Employees can do everything: if you train them, if you give them tools,
but above all when you trust them.

Hans-Olaf Henkel, (*1940), former senior manager at IBM.

sylkon is your human resources manager and can take over the following assignments for your business:
  • A summary and overview of available documents
    Requirement profiles, personnel documents, business culture and business philosophy
  • An action plan on the basis of the sylkon analysis
    Elaboration of clearly defined business and staff goals, optimization of the workforce and consequently the optimization of staff costs, determination of training needs and budget
  • Development and accompaniment of the recruitment process
    Creation of requirement profiles and a decision on the best search method for candidates. Presentation of the top candidates, regular updates on the status of the recruitment search.
  • Induction program for new staff
    For the long-term integration of new staff members we also recommend a mentoring program. An existing staff member will be designated as a mentor to take care of the new staff member and to be his/her contact for all organizational questions. This positive guidance will enable the new employee to become a permanent and content team member.
  • Quality Check
    sylkon can make a situational ascertainment of your employees
    We coordinate interviews, mystery visits, mystery calls and similar methods for your business to help you answer the following questions
    • Are the right people in the right place?
    • Do you have the required qualifications, social and functional knowledge at your disposal?
    • Is the business model being realized?
    • Are staff members representing the business properly to the outside world?
    • Are my employees motivated?
    • What kind of support do my employees need?
  • Quality Control
    sylkon runs ongoing checks and discussions with staff members, finds common solutions and installs a control system to maintain quality